Building Culturally Intelligent Leaders and Teams

At APOC, we create a safe space for people to openly discuss their challenges and learn from each other. We do this using a closed community platform where people meet each other in a curated environment that fosters belonging, self-development and professional growth.

Every month, the community is trained online, on a new topic that adds to their skills. Each training is culturally customised and delivered by an expert coach, who brings lived experiences and knowledge in working with POC.

We also host facilitated in-person networking events each month, where our members develop meaningful connections with senior leaders and other community members.

Our corporate memberships include access to all the above + two additional benefits: ​

  • Cultural Intelligence Workshops: One-day workshops every quarter for your leaders and teams to learn and build cultural intelligence skills.

  • Cultural Intelligence Tech & Tools: Tools that help your leaders and teams apply what they learn in their day-to-day work