Masterclass with Richa Joshi – successful public speaking

Here are four objectives that align with the overall goal of equipping individuals and corporates who are people of colour with the skills and confidence required for successful public speaking engagements:


Objective 1: Develop Self-Confidence and Overcome Speaking Anxiety

Objective 2: Enhance Message Development and Delivery Skills

Objective 3: Cultivate Effective Vocal Techniques and Body Language

Objective 4: Navigate Cultural Barriers and Bias in Public Speaking


By addressing these objectives throughout the workshop, participants will gain the necessary skills and confidence to excel in public speaking engagements while embracing their cultural backgrounds and navigating potential challenges.Some cool activities to make it interactive and also allow flexibility in the workshop schedule to accommodate participants’ questions, discussions, and any unexpected needs that may arise.

Event Details:

Time: 12:00pm to 1:00pm

Date: Friday 14th, July

Location: Zoom link


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