Masterclass with Asha Honeysett – Emotional Intelligence

The Harvard Business Review has noted that leaders who lack emotional intelligence can create toxic work environments, negatively affecting organisational culture and teamwork.

There are too many stories of toxic workplaces that attest to these findings and unfortunately, a lot of us have witnessed these personally too.

Upon reflection, it becomes apparent that recognising a problem is only part of solving it. We have to take action to solve the problem too. And at Australian Professionals of Colour (APOC), we believe in standing on the right side of change.

We’re looking at Asha Honeysett to help us navigate an often challenging aspect of being a culturally sensitive leader – developing emotional intelligence and using it effectively in the workplace.

In our Masterclass on ‘Emotional Intelligence – 6 Core Skills to have Psychologically Flexible Responses’, we’ll hear from Asha on:

✅ What to do when faced with a Reality Gap (What I desperately wanted was different to what I got)
✅ How to remain steadfast when the proverbial storm hits
✅ How to get back on track and act in a values aligned way in service of your highest order vision

Tickets on sale for friends and allies.

Event Details:

Time: 12:00pm to 1:00pm

Date: Friday 14th, July

Location: Zoom link


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