Welcome to the APOC Awards, a groundbreaking initiative that celebrates the outstanding contributions of professionals who tirelessly champion the advancement of individuals of color in both the workplace and community. As the first of its kind, these awards, introduced by APOC, aim to recognize and honour those who have demonstrated exceptional allyship for professionals of color in their workplaces or have made significant contributions to uplifting their peers in community service.

Since its inception in 2022, the APOC Awards have attracted incredible applicants who have shown exemplary dedication and impact. Our winners are selected through a meticulous three-level evaluation process.

  • Firstly, all applicants undergo an assessment to ensure their eligibility.
  • Following this, a team consisting of current or past members of APOC conducts a thorough assessment using a non-biased rating system to identify the top three contenders.
  • In the final stage, a panel for the year conducts another round of unbiased rating, carefully considering each candidate’s achievements and contributions.

The ratings are then compiled, leading to the announcement of the well-deserved winner, during our Gala.

The APOC Awards not only celebrate the accomplishments of professionals of colour but also highlight the significance of allyship and community engagement. Join us in honouring these remarkable individuals who have made a lasting impact on the journey toward equality and inclusion.

Read More about our 2023 Winners 

Read More about our 2022 Winners

Someone who contributed significantly to the progress of the Professionals of Colour (POC) community as a whole.

(e.g.: established a network of POC, created initiatives to help the POC community, lobbied the cause and created a difference

Someone who contributed significantly to one or many POC’s career progress in the workplace.

(e.g.: helped you or someone you know break a bias at work, has lead a cause for diversity at work, been an ally and spoken up for POC at work)