About Us

Founded in 2021 and headquartered in Melbourne, Australian Professionals of Colour (APOC) is a community organization built by and for professionals of colour living and working in Australia. Australian Professionals of Colour (APOC) is a community dedicated to maximizing the potential and contribution of professionals of colour by sharing proven frameworks for building meaningful connections and developing new skills.

Since its inception, the APOC community has grown to 2300 organic followers on Facebook and LinkedIn, with an additional 190 guests who have attended in-person networking events and 34 guest speakers who have contributed to the community.

At APOC Community, our sole purpose is to provide a supportive community, access to professional networks, and opportunities for professional development. We achieve this by openly discussing and raising awareness about various growth barriers, such as bias, discrimination, and lack of developmental support, that Professionals of Colour face in Australia, all within a safe space. We share stories and wisdom from established leaders in various fields who have experience managing similar situations to APOC members. Moreover, we strive to help members devise and implement specific strategies to break through barriers and achieve the growth they are truly capable of.

Australian Professionals of Colour (APOC) aims to maximise the potential and contribution of its members by providing them with the platform to build meaningful connections, develop new skills and create a powerful network of allies. From little to no representation of role models, lack of understanding of the Australian leadership culture, limited access to a professional network, challenges in balancing family with work and battling imposter syndrome, Australian Professionals of Colour face unique challenges when it comes advancing their careers in Corporate Australia or starting a business.

What we do?

At APOC, we’re shining the light on important issues that hinder the growth of its community. We do this by challenging the status quo through discussions and debate. We raise awareness about factors that hinder growth – unconscious bias, discrimination against and non-inclusion of professionals of colour at different hierarchies in organizations and industries in Australia.

In 2023, APOC launched its first paid membership program to enhance the sense of belonging, self-development, and professional growth for our community members. For organizations, our program offers a way to associate with the APOC community and create more meaningful engagement with the diverse talent within their teams.

For our members our purpose is 3-fold:

• To build a supportive community of professionals

• Access to grow personal and professional networks and

• Provide opportunities and tools to upskill their professional development.

We facilitate these objectives for our members by providing them with:

• Avenues to meet in-person to foster connections and build meaningful relationships

• Provide access to a community of professionals who are leaders in their industries

• Masterclasses on selected topics that aim to assist professionals in their corporate careers.

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Why join the APOC membership program?

Professionals of Colour face unique challenges when climbing the corporate ladder or pursuing their career aspirations in Australia. 

From creating visibility and balancing family responsibilities to dealing with imposter syndrome, a lack of understanding of the Australian leadership culture, and a shortage of personal and professional networks, we understand the barriers you face because we have faced them too. We also understand what it takes to overcome them because we, along with many others like us, have successfully navigated these challenges.

At APOC, our goal is to bridge the gap between professionals of colour and their career aspirations, whether it’s climbing to the highest leadership positions, starting a startup, or making the next best career move. We achieve this by bringing the power of community to you, right at your fingertips.

The 2023 APOC Membership Program offers you:

  • Exclusive access to the APOC community platform with culturally-tailored professional development content from experts.
  • Access to candid conversations with industry experts and experienced leaders, providing opportunities to learn from their personal experiences.
  • Culturally-tailored professional development workshops (in-person).Monthly meetups with other community members and leaders.

What's inside the community platform?

Here’s what’s happening inside:

  • Quarterly live workshops or interviews designed to deliver strategies and support for seizing and evolving your career goals.
  • Quarterly catch-ups designed to provide mentorship, networking, and professional support, helping you develop confidence and learn success strategies.
  • Tools, resources, and frameworks to assist you in making better decisions regarding interviews, personal development, professional development, networking, and how you want to grow your career.
  • Full access to our library of past interviews with successful leaders, allowing you to tap into fresh inspiration and ideas anytime.
  • Ongoing support and guidance, not only from the APOC team but also from other experts, leaders, and mentors who have experienced growth and overcome challenges in their careers.
  • Priority Access to any events and future developments
  • Discounted Tickets to specialists events like Gala 

Meet The Team

Ubah Gabris

Sydney Chapter Lead