APOC awards 2022

In 2022, the APOC Awards recognized an extraordinary individual as the winner, standing out for their remarkable dedication and impact in championing the advancement of professionals of colour. This outstanding winner demonstrated exceptional allyship within the workplace or made significant contributions to uplifting their peers through impactful community work.

Selected through a rigorous three-level evaluation process, the winner emerged as a shining example of commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion. Their accomplishments not only align with the values of APOC but also inspire others to foster positive change in their respective spheres.

The 2022 APOC Awards winner embodies the essence of the initiative, reflecting the importance of recognizing and celebrating those who go above and beyond to create a more inclusive and supportive environment for professionals of colour. Their achievements serve as a beacon, inspiring the APOC community and beyond to continue striving for equality and empowerment in the workplace and community.

🌟 Corporate Legend of the Year: Maha Sukkar 🌟

Maha’s career with Victoria Police spans over 18 years with many courageous achievements, breaking the bias and leading the cause for change. In 2004, Maha became the first Muslim policewoman in Australia to wear a hijab, challenging stereotypes and setting a trailblazing example for police forces around the world. Maha’s history in championing diversity includes an impressive portfolio that has also seen her involved in the establishment of the Victoria Police Muslim Association and Victoria Police Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Council. Most notably this year she supported the founding of the Victoria Police Women of Colour Network, approved by Victoria Police’s Executive Command in July 2022. The decision created history for Victoria Police as the first law enforcement and emergency management jurisdiction in Australia and New Zealand to establish a volunteer staff-led collective, run by and for self-identifying Women of Colour. Her work promoting diversity and inclusion is impressive and admired by many.
Maha has an accomplished list of achievements:
• First Australian police officer authorised to wear a traditional Muslim hijab as part of her official police uniform
• Founder of the Victoria Police Muslim Association (Executive Committee Member)
• Named one of the ‘Australian Muslim Women of the Year’ at the Australian Muslim Achievement Awards in 2009
• Australasian Council for Women and Policing Bravery Award (Highly Commended)
• 2018 – inducted to the Victorian Honour Roll of Women
• 2019 – awarded the Australian Police Medal for distinguished service to policing
• 2019 – named one of ‘The Australian Financial Review’s 100 Women of Influence in the Diversity and Inclusion category’. Maha has paved the way forward for diverse groups within Victoria Police to feel greater representation and inclusion, through the founding of police employee networks, and is the go-to person for advice, support and encouragement.

Congratulations, Maha! 🏆👏

🌈 Community Champion of the Year: Fabiola Campbell🌈

Fabiola’s commitment to supporting Professional Migrant Women in Australia goes above and beyond. With her “work-ready” mentoring program, she has successfully guided dozens of women to secure their first professional job in their respective fields. Through impactful events and networking initiatives, she has played a pivotal role in helping thousands of women establish meaningful connections and expand their networks.

In addition to her mentoring program, Fabiola’s recent book project, “Undefeated,” has been a groundbreaking endeavour. This initiative provided a platform for 90 authors to share their stories, empowering them to become published authors and inspiring others through their narratives.

Through these diverse projects and more, Fabiola is actively elevating representation and giving a voice to many People of Color. As a united community, we are collectively opening doors and creating opportunities for other People of Color, fostering a more inclusive and supportive environment.


These exceptional individuals have not only showcased outstanding achievements in their respective fields but have also emerged as sources of inspiration for all of us. Let’s come together to celebrate and commend Jen McCrea and Utsav Gupta for their truly deserving recognition!