What’s my purpose?

When the going gets tough, we need to be able to step back and gain a big picture view of what is most important to us. Getting clear about our purpose means that we always have a clear north point to re-direct ourselves when we get swept upstream by life circumstances.

However, to find the big answers, you first have to ask the big questions.

Before our upcoming session this Friday, please spend a few minutes writing down what comes to mind when answering the below:

What truly matters to me, deep in my heart?

What do I want to stand for, and stand against, with my time on this planet?

What’s my highest intention for this lifetime? Why do I believe I am here?

What sort of human being do I want to be? What qualities am I willing to cultivate in order to live my life’s purpose?

If I’m living my purpose, how do I behave towards myself, others, and the world around me?

If we consciously align our actions with our purpose our life becomes imbued with deep meaning. It is the art of consciously cultivating the life you want on a moment-to-moment basis and staying on path even when the storms hit.

Look forward to hearing the answers these questions prompt for you in our upcoming Masterclass this Friday! See you then 🙂